ATLIS’s Orthophotos are acquired using patented true color RGB and NIR technology to produce an accurate, visual representations of our earth’s surface. ATLIS’s orthophoto products are used amongst an array of industries, providing endless solutions to save valuable time and money. Using innovative technology, true metric systems, and rigorous quality control measures, ATLIS has the capabilities to acquire and process accurate geospatial imagery and elevation data to solve almost any mapping requirement.

Increasing value to ATLIS’s Orthophoto’s is our unique simultaneous acquisition of accurate elevation data using innovative LIDAR technology. This process ensures the most accurate representations of the earths surface, creating a comprehensive “As-Surveyed” dataset in today’s most rapidly changing environments such as mines, construction sites, and urban environments.

ATLIS possesses the latest in the digital imaging sensors to produce the best ortho-imagery for your project requirements and budget. Our digital aerial sensors include Leica Geosystems RCD30 combined with LiDAR on fixed wing aircraft, DigitalGlobe Satellite Sensors, and PhaseOne iXU on UAV platforms.

  • 1cm to 50cm Stereo Imagery
  • Available “As-Surveyed” LiDAR
  • Photo Control Survey
  • Fixed Wing, UAV, and Satellite Platforms

ATLIS’ orthophoto processing solutions are designed with your projects current and future requirements in mind.  Consider our RapidOrtho for emergency response and inspection requirements; StandardOrtho for all around product accuracy and comprehensive color balancing; or TrueOrtho to gain the most visual insight of urban environments by eliminating building lean.

  • RapidOrtho – 1-3 Week Turnaround
  • StandardOrtho – Meets NSSDA Standards
  • TrueOrtho – Eliminates Building Lean
  • Comprehensive Color Balancing
  • Available LIDAR derived elevations
  • Available Planimetic Feature Collection

We understand that delivery methods are paramount to ensure your experience is turn-key, allowing you to leverage ATLIS’s Orthophoto solutions immediately. We are here to support you from start to finish, which is why we offer these convenient delivery methods to ensure compliance and ease-of-use with every project.

  • WMS/WFS Streaming Services
  • Secure Web Portal Access
  • Available Subscription Services
  • Final Orthophoto Reporting
  • FGDC Compliant Metadata

Orthophoto Gallery
For more information on ATLIS’s Orthophoto solutions, or to request a free consultation to determine how we can reduce your survey costs, please contact us toll free or send us an email.