Engineering Design Mapping

ATLIS supports engineering design with large scale base maps, showing closely spaced terrain surface contours and planimetric details. In addition, our high resolution orthophotography is considered by many engineers to be an indispensable design tool.

Image Capture

We utilize traditional aerial photography techniques, digital image capture, and LiDAR utilized through very low altitude fixed wing aircraft.

Custom Solutions

ATLIS provides custom solutions in situations where the project requires:

  • Enhanced vertical accuracies
  • Flight operations within a restricted or controlled airspace
  • Nighttime flight missions
  • 3D City models for custom applications
  • A fast track delivery

As-Built Documentation

ATLIS applies new technologies to document construction and provide support for future engineering work. This includes large format digital camera sensors to capture detailed planimetric data and develop high resolution digital images for reference file applications. LiDAR is an additional tool, effective in mapping final corridor gradient surfaces and extracting cross-section data sets.

Airphoto Capabilities

Coverage Maps – Updated on February 20, 2012

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