Environmental Mapping

ATLIS provides environmental mapping services primarily for federal and local government agencies, environmental consultants, universities involved in research, and industries needing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Our remote sensing expertise offers a key ATLIS advantage. We have the ability to acquire and process remotely sensed data both airborne and spacecraft platforms.

Using this data, ATLIS can provide topographic maps, image-based maps, thematic maps, and change detection analyses to assist with assessing and monitoring many environmental scenarios.

Past projects have allowed scientists to quantify insect infestation, study invasive plant species, identify and monitor erosion, inventory forest, and study climate change. Our services also assist professionals manage natural resources including watersheds, river courses, coastal zones, and forest lands.

Examples of ATLIS environmental mapping solutions include projects supporting:

  • Wetland delineation, mitigation and restoration mapping
  • Hazardous waste site restoration and reclamation
  • Forest fire studies and forest system remediation
  • Salmon spawning studies
  • Habitat/ecosystem monitoring and restoration
  • Shoreline/watershed management

Airphoto Capabilities

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