ATLIS is an industry leader in providing high-resolution, high accuracy earth imagery, survey data, and analysis.

ATLIS Geomatics (ATLIS) was established in 1995, as Central Canada’s only professional firm specializing in innovative aerial survey technologies.

We are providing our customers with the empowerment of high resolution, highly accurate earth data solutions that provide mission-critical information about the earth we live on.

As a pioneer in aerial survey, ATLIS is building partnerships with our clients by solving their most difficult operational challenges.  ATLIS has become the go to trusted partner of hundreds of companies throughout North America – from small survey and engineering firms to fortune 500 companies and the highest levels of government.


The worlds largest companies trust ATLIS in delivering mission-critical earth data to help solve their toughest operational challenges within our forever changing earth.

Understand the Experience
High Resolution
Our aerial imagery can be provided with an image resolutions 1cm GSD using our UAV platform and 5cm from our manned aircraft.
High Accuracy
Our LiDAR derived elevation data can achieve a vertical accuracy as good as 2.5cm RMSE. We operate LiDAR technologies on manned and drone (UAS) platforms to provide the high accuracy possible.
Manned & Unmanned Aircraft
We operate manned and UAV (drone) platforms to to bring you an unbiased approach in determining the most suitable platform for your project requirements.
Global Reach
With global partners, portable UAV and sensor platforms, and as a global provider of the highest resolution Satellite imagery, ATLIS can provide global reach to any project.